18th November 2022 - Meta (Tech) trends in Pharma & Life science and what this means for CROs

Webinar Topic

Meta (Tech) trends in Pharma & Life science and what this means for CROs


Webinar Date & Time

18th November 2022 from 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM (CET)

Webinar Overview

Platforms have habitually disrupted unregulated industries, such as retail and tourism, but are now moving to more regulated sectors, such as finance and mobility. Healthcare is next; Digital-Health-Platforms (DHPs) are rising and will transform the way care is delivered across all dimensions (the Where, the Who, the When, and the How).

These Digital Health Platforms are also a strategic enabler for Medical and R&D: Sanofi inked a big deal with A.I. discovery company Exscientia and AstraZeneca took stake in Huma to make clinical trials more efficient with digital technology.

However, there is still a long way to go.

Gordon Moore's 1965 prediction about the speed of silicon technology, commonly known as Moore's Law, predicts that over time, computational advancement will become noticeably quicker, smaller, and more effective through innovation. Unlike the transistor manufacturing industry, however, the pharma industry has failed to show increasing efficiency through innovation as described by Moore’s law. As a matter of fact, developments have moved so consistently in the exact reverse over recent decades that the phrase `Eroom’s law´ (Eroom being the anadrome of Moore) was coined. Eroom’s law observes that drug discovery slows and costs more money over time, impeding the pharma industry's capacity to quickly bring new drugs to market.

In this webinar, we will address the following questions:

  • How are Digital Health Platforms structurally changing care delivery?
  • What does it mean for R&D and clinical trials? (Key dynamics, new operating models, future of clinical trials…) 
  • What are the short-, mid-, and long-term implications for CROs? (Strategy, capabilities, and Tech required, …)
  • Where to start for global but also smaller CROs?

We will also discuss how digitalization and technology can help address the key challenges of clinical trials:

  • Lengthy timelines: 80% of all clinical studies fail to finish on time1
  • Patient recruitment: > two-thirds of sites fail to meet original patient enrolment1
  • Lack of diversity: Most clinical trials are not representative enough of the target population of the drug / device tested in the trials
  • Patient retention: 30% average drop-out rate and 85% of clinical trials fail to retain enough patients1
  • Ensuring compliance: 43% of clinical trials experts consider compliance as a main challenge

  1. Source: clinicalleader.com
  2. Source: Outsourcing Pharma - global survey of the state of the industry (2018)



Thomas Hagemeijer
Healthcare Lead at TLGG Consulting (Based in Berlin, Germany)

Thomas Hagemeijer is healthcare lead at TLGG, a boutique digital consultancy based in Berlin and NYC. Thomas works on new digital health business models in healthcare and advises leading companies on their innovation strategy. His mission is to transform the healthcare system from a "sick-care system" to a "well-care system" by building bridges between all health stakeholders. Thomas is the author of numerous specialist articles and regularly writes about the economic, social and political consequences of digital health transformation. He is a sought-after expert and speaker on topics related to the "future of healthcare".​

Nina von Schwanenflug
Consultant at TLGG Consulting (Based in Berlin, Germany)

Nina von Schwanenflug is a psychologist and neuroscientist by training. In the last years she worked as a research associate at the Neurology Dept of the Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin where she investigated the temporal dynamics of brain activity in autoimmune diseases. Since then, she has been working as a consultant at the TLGG Healthcare Unit. Her goal is to integrate ideas and digital strategies to improve healthcare and to counteract the current unsustainable development. She is confident that technology is part of the solution that promotes comprehensive, patient-centered healthcare while taking pressure off providers and payers.

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17th November 2022

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