20/5 - International Clinical Trials Day

International Clinical Trials Day

20 May 2021

The International Clinical Trials Day is set on 20th May as a celebration of James Lind’s very first clinical trial.

Whilst working as a surgeon on a ship, Dr. James Lind (1716-1794) was appalled by the high mortality of scurvy amongst the sailors. He started the world’s first comparative trial on 20th May 1747 of the most promising cure for scurvy. His description of the trial covers the essential elements of a controlled trial.


This year EUCROF decided to celebrate this day.

Some EUCROF members and partners have further events organised:

- Avantyo (ACCSCR Member – Romania) Round Table: “Harmonized clinical trials authorisation by EU Member States. Status Quo Romania and CEE countries discuss the status of CTR”. Dr Martine Dehlinger-Kremer, EUCROF President, is one of the speakers of the meeting.



-ECCRT: The importance of clinical research in developing new vaccines and how was it possible to accelerate the development of the Covid vaccines?



- Latest EPF News: Celebrating the International Clinical Trials Day!



- PRA Health Sciences: The Role of CROs in the COVID-19 Pandemic



May 20, 2021