20/05 - HACRO: Digital campaign to raise clinical trial awareness

HACRO: Digital campaign to raise clinical trial awareness

20 May 2020

#work together #shape the future #enjoy life! This was the key message of the Digital Campaign organized by the Hellenic Association of CROs (HACRO) on the occasion of the International Clinical Trials Day on 20 May 2020.

“Our experience with COVID-19 was particularly important for raising awareness on disease management and the development of new treatments. Through this process, the important role of clinical studies in the development of effective, safe and innovative therapies was pointed out. It is a continuous struggle in which no matter how important and successful the developments are, the challenges that the industry is called upon to face are increasing as our knowledge and experience about new or rare diseases are constantly expanding. The only certain thing is that the right and effective treatment for COVID-19 will be found soon. The same thing has happened in the past for numerous other, fatal and non, diseases, resulting in today’s life expectancy to have reached the 80 years for most countries.. Even for those cases where cure is not achieved, the new treatments greatly improve the quality of life of patients and shape for them a better and more dignified daily life. By working together, we can shape the future and enjoy life”

You can see the full post following this link.