03/09 - EUCROF Podcast n. 3 - "eConsent"

EUCROF is very pleased to post its third Podcast on the topic:



How will eConsent transform your clinical trial? 

Tune in to the EUCROF Podcast on eConsent, and explore stakeholder perspectives on how eConsent transforms clinical trials from our guest speakers. Find out about the trial participant experience with eConsent, the preservation of participant-site interactions, and gain a better understanding of remote-and on-site configuration possibilities for eConsent. For more detailed eConsent implementation information, please refer to the EUCROF/eCF eConsent Implementation Guide.

Coordinator of the podcast:

Valeria Orlova, Regulatory Strategy Analyst at Medidata, UK

Guest Speakers

Alicia Staley, Vice President, Patient Engagement at Medidata, US;

Katelijne Anciaux, Quality expert at Clinical trial College of the Federal Public Service of Health, Belgium;

Viviënne van de Walle, Director / Founder & Owner / Research Physician at the independent Research Site PT&R, Netherlands;

Wolfgang Summa, Head of CMO Informatics at Merck Darmstadt, Germany.