01/10/23 –We have a new Glossary of technical terms (prepared by the EUCRIF CTLogWG)

We have a new GLOSSARY of technical terms

(prepared by the EUCROF Clinical Trials Logistics WG)

The EUCROF recently-established Clinical Trial Logistics Working Group dynamically develops its activity.

Mr. Martin King, one of the CTLogWG Members, launched the idea of putting together a glossary of technical terms, which was immediately approved by the other members.

After two months of active discussions and mutual work, the Working Group delivered the first version of the Clinical Trial Logistics Glossary. Special terminology which is used by professionals in logistics for clinical trials, terms of delivery and much of useful information was included in the document. It is good to know that the Glossary is updating all the time and the CTLog Working Group is already planning to deliver version 2 in the future. We promise to keep you updated about the progress and will share the Glossary, version 2, as soon as ready.

Keep on following the Clinical Trial Logistics Working Group activity!

Glossary (1 October 2023)