10 December 2020 - Towards the Implementation of Personalised Medicine

Webinar Topic

Towards the Implementation of Personalised Medicine


Webinar Date & Time

10 December 2020 from 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM (CEST)

Webinar Overview


The Council of the European Union, on 7th December 2015, granted pan-community policy recognition for “personalized medicine for patients”, placing the theme among the EU priorities for the next decades and inviting the Member States and the European Commission to engage in reaching its full potential.
Personalized medicine (or personalised healthcare) aims to facilitate for the right citizen to benefit from the right prevention and treatment tools, at the right time and for the beginning, using the new validated technologies (omics, machine learning) and data (BigData, SmartData), in the context of health systems digital transformation. This is a paradigm shift from the classical “one size fits all” approach. Among the therapeutic areas, oncology, haematology and infectious diseases benefit, to a greater extent, from the specific approach to personalized medicine. Several diagnostic tests, medicines and personalized IT solutions have been approved in the European Union. In order to reach the full potential of personalised medicine the health systems need to transform to incorporate innovation throughout the entire healthcare continuum.

Webinar takeaways for the audience
Understanding the concept of personalised medicine (personalised healthcare)
Know the main applications of personalised medicine in clinical practice
Understanding the role of genomics for personalised medicine
Understanding the policy: building blocks for personalised healthcare
Preparing for the future: digital twins, digital trilplets, humanome



Marius Geanta, MD

Marius Geanta, MD

Marius Geantӑ, MD
President and Co-Founder
Center for Innovation in Medicine

Marius Geantă is President and Co-Founder of the Center for Innovation in Medicine, a non-governmental organisation based in Bucharest, Romania, focused on innovation in the healthcare sector. The aim of the Center for Innovation in Medicine is to shorten the time between the emergence of innovations in the medical sector and their application so that they can benefit patients both in Romania and elsewhere.

In the context of Romanian Presidency of EU Council 2019, The Center for Innovation in Medicine proposed the vision paper “A new vision for cancer in Europe: data, technology and human touch” to be included in the EU Beating Cancer Plan.

Marius is a pioneer in the field of personalised medicine in Romania and Central Eastern Europe and is involved in some pan-European innovative healthcare projects, such as Information Technology: The Future of Cancer Treatment, DigiTwins Consortium, International Consortium for Personalised Medicine, Public Health Genomics Network, PECAN, Building Blocks for Personalised Medicine.

As President of the Centre for Innovation in Medicine, Marius is the coordinator of “State of Innovation in Medicine” Annual Report and the organiser of the high-level events Science meets Politicians (in partnership with Romanian Parliament) and Personalised Medicine Conference (two editions in partnership with Romanian Presidential Administration).

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18 October 2020

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