31 August 2021 - The Home Care Services - Useful Tool for Decentralized Clinical Trials

Webinar Topic

The home care services - useful tool for decentralized clinical trials 


Webinar Date & Time

31 August 2021 from 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM (CEST)

Webinar Overview

Clinical trials are research studies that use a group of participants to test health-related treatments or interventions. Historically, those studies have occurred mostly in centralized settings. This means that clinical trial visits involved the participant going to where the study principal investigators were practicing their regular duties, i.e. in clinics, hospitals or physician offices. Sometimes, some patients traveled long distances to participate in a clinical trial. But as society in general is adapting to online interactions and home-based services, research studies are implementing new ways of engaging patients through telemedicine and home visits.In light of the COVID-19 emergency, home health providers have been presented with the chance to participate in such research.
Decentralized clinical trials have been on the rise even before the pandemic of COVID-19. In many cases of ongoing hybrid trials, patients have been receiving medication at home as an emergency solution. The result? They like it, and are now reaching out to the clinical trials sponsors asking for continued supply at their home.Home health visits enhance clinical trial participation and retention, which leads to the more rapid collection of data necessary for the drug development.

During this webinar questions regarding what specific opportunities exist to deliver home care services in clinical trials or why does HHC services make sense for clinical trials will be answered and many more.We believe that the future of clinical trials will be decentralized, with home-based care providers set to play an important role in making it all possible.




Dr Cristina Florescu Moraid, MD, MSc
CEO Avantyo Institute of Clinical Research

Dr. Florescu Moraid got her Medical Doctor Diploma in 1998 from „Carol Davila” University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Bucharest, Romania and was accredited as Laboratory Medicine Specialist in 2005 and as Senior Laboratory Medicine Specialist in 2011, by the Romanian College of Physicians.
She got her Master of Science Diploma in 2006 , accomplished Postgraduated School of Clinical Trials Management, Gdansk in 2012 and the Postgraduated Leadership Development Programme at University of Sussex, UK in 2014.

Dr. Florescu Moraid was responsible for clinical trials operations at Synevo Central Lab, the clinical research wing of Swedish Medicover Group as Regional Director for Romania, Moldova, Bulgaria and Serbia between 2005-2018. She has been organizing Synevo Clinical Trials Symposium for 10 years.

Since beginning of 2019, she is Co-founder of Avantyo - Institute of Clinical Research and CEO of Camina Medical Experts, developing tailored CT services for pharma sponsors, CROs and mid-size biotech companies.

She is invited speaker for different scientific events and acts as active advocate for rising awareness over the importance of developing clinical trials for the patient’s benefit.

Dr Janusz Kabata, MD, PhD, MBA
CEO GP4Research

Dr Janusz Kabata is a successful entrepreneurial healthcare professional with over 35 years of academic and executive experience in public and private healthcare sectors in Europe, and 25 years experience in various aspects of clinical trial management, including managing central laboratory services as well as home-care services for European and global clinical trials.

As founder of GlobalCare Clinical Trials he developed a network of in-home clinical trial service providers in Europe and Asia. As Director of European Operations and Medical Director at CRN Europe (now Symphony Clinical Research) he initiated clinical trial home-care services in Europe. He established Synevo Clinical Trials, a leading central laboratory in Central and Eastern Europe providing services for more than 200 clinical trials, where he served as Director of Clinical Research and Development. He also founded Nova Medical Polska, the first private ISO17025 accredited clinical laboratory in Poland.

After receiving an MD degree in 1978 and a PhD in biochemistry from the Medical University of Gdansk in 1983, he held the positions of Associate Professor in the Department of Clinical Biochemistry at the Medical University of Gdansk and Visiting Professor in the Department of Hematology at Basel University, Switzerland. As Polish coordinator of the TEMPUS Joint European Project he trained at Glasgow University, Scotland. In 2003 he received an MBA from Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University and Gdansk Foundation for Management Development. He is a specialist in laboratory medicine and public health and is regularly invited to speak at laboratory medicine and clinical trials conferences. Dr Kabata and his wife manage a family-owned general practice in Gdansk.

In 2016, together with Bohdan Tillack, he established MedConsult, a company that, through the European Network of General Practitioners, is dedicated to bringing clinical research to family medicine.

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