24/10 - Stakeholder Meeting at the EMA in London

The stakeholder Meeting “Shaping regulatory science to 2025” took place at the EMA in London on Wednesday, 24 October 2018. EUCROF attended, represented by Dr Martine Dehlinger-Kremer.

The aim of the meeting was to gather insight from stakeholders on the key areas in human medicines to be covered in its ‘Regulatory Science Strategy to 2025’, a proposed new high-level plan for advancing its engagement with regulatory science.

The workshop offered an opportunity to reflect on the scientific and technological advances in the pharmaceutical arena, the challenges that the Agency’s scientific committees and working parties will face in the future and to look at initial proposals to address them. It did also highlight areas relevant to various stakeholder groups in advance of a six-month public consultation on the proposed strategy to be launched in December 2018.

The five priorities of the Regulatory Science Strategy to 2025include:

  • catalysing the integration of science and technology in medicine development;
  • driving collaborative evidence generation -  improving the scientific quality of evaluations;
  • advancing patient-centred access to medicines in partnership with healthcare systems;
  • addressing emerging health threats and availability/therapeutic challenges;

enabling and leveraging research and innovation in regulatory science.