EUCROF, the European CRO (Contract Research Organisation) Federation, held elections for their Executive Board at the General Assembly Meeting in Utrecht on December 1st, 2010.

The new Executive Board will take office for a 2 years term and is represented by 5 members:


Stefano Marini MD (Italy), President

Dr. Dagmar Chase (Germany), Vice-President

Dr. Ana Jurczynska (Spain), Treasurer

Tanja Hoffman (The Netherlands), Secretary

Dr. Hubert Mechin (France), Board Member


EUCROF is a non-profit Federation of Associations representing CROs in Europe. It was founded in 2005, with its headquarters in The Netherlands, and its operating office in Italy (Rome).

At present, EUCROF represents around 260 CROs and 11.000 employees distributed across the following CRO Associations:


ACRO-CZ Czech Republic

ACRON The Netherlands


AFCROs France


BeCRO Belgium

BVMA Germany

CCRA United Kingdom

NCROF Norway


During 2010, EUCROF changed their bylaws and it is now possible for individual CROs to apply for an Associate Membership. This Associate Membership is mainly applicable for CROs in European countries in which no national CRO Association is yet established, and EUCROF will stimulate and support these individual CROs to build a CRO Association. At present, two CROs have already been accepted as an Associate Member: one from Greece and one from Portugal.


The objectives of EUCROF are to represent and promote CROs located in Europe by:


Communication with clinical research stakeholders

Improving knowledge, competence and skills of CROs located in Europe.



These objectives are pursued by:


Maintaining a legal entity to represent the interests of European CROs before regulatory bodies, the pharmaceutical and biotech industry, medicinal and research community and patients’ associations

Contributing to the development of International Legislation applicable to the research community in Europe and beyond

Promoting exchange of information between members

Promoting and supporting high quality clinical research

Developing training and educational programmes for clinical research

Organising international meetings/congresses.